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What specific area can a Portfolio FD help with?

  1. We're making a profit but have no cash.

  2. I need support to obtain funding for the business or a review of finance options available to us.

  3. The business is losing money.

  4. We need help to develop an Exit Strategy and sell the business.

  5. We need help developing our business strategy, budgets and cashflow.

  6. We need help raising finance to acquire another business.

  7. We are growing so quickly that we risk losing financial control.

  8. We need help with our management reporting or our year end and Auditors.

  9. We need to develop a commercial financial framework which enables profitable growth.

  10. We need help planning a major capital investment into the company.

  11. We need support for myself and other senior managers to improve performance.

  12. We need help n coaching and developing members of the Finance Team.

  13. We need help selling a business proposition to investors or clients.

  14. We need help with a critical systems implementation to ensure it is successfully put into operation.

  15. We need help implementing robust internal financial and operation controls.

  16. We need assistance with managing relationships with the bank, auditors and other financial contacts.

  17. We need help building and recruiting a first class finance team to deliver accurate monthly accounts and meaningful budgets.

  18. We need help working with operational management to drive production efficiencies and cost control.

  19. We need help implementing a Board Governance document to ensure we cover off all director responsibilities.

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