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At VitalFD, I offer honest and experienced Part Time Finance Director services to help you make the best decisions for your business.  I work alongside you to make that happen and understand what the emotional significance of the business is to you. 

Being Part Time means you only pay for what you need and allowing more flexibility to work within your company's budget.

Chris has a wealth of knowledge and 35 years of business experience, 20 years of which have been as a Portfolio Finance Director.

I understand the various challenges and goals of businesses, and have expertise in:

  • Company turnarounds

  • Overcoming cashflow issues

  • Preparing businesses for sale and owner exits

  • Growing value sustainably

  • Funding and debt solutions.

I specialise in Small and Medium businesses ranging from £2m to £30m in turnover and prefer to deal on a longer term basis with Owners and Directors.

Coffee with Chris

Arrange an in-person or virtual coffee with Chris to discuss how we can work together to bring about the best solutions for your business.


+44 (0)7767 676739

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Previous Clients or Partners have included:

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