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How can we help your Business in Africa?

McBeth and Chris have combined experience of over 40 years in Africa - see our profiles below.  We understand the difficulties and opportunities.

How can we help?

In summary we help organisations overcome the local financial skills gap between the Director’s intent to grow value in the business and the operation.

We focus on transforming your finance operations so that Management can more easily:


• Identify inefficiencies, cost-savings, and areas for improvement.

• Bridging the reporting gap so you can begin to measure the progress towards your organisation's strategic goals.

• Build a strong partnership with your finance team for long-term success

McBeth Mughogho

An experienced Finance Manager with an operational focus in Southern and East Africa.  He is skilled in building, managing and mentoring finance teams to world class standards in challenging environments.

He has world-class expertise, and substantial experience in:

• Working and Business Partnering with executive teams to define budgets and achieve targets.

• Managing Working Capital and forecasting Cash flows to achieve and ensure liquidity targets are maintained.

• Working with third parties such as Auditors, Banks and local Government to ensure compliance and robust lines of communication are in place.

• Maintaining and improving a strong financial control environment.


Born and raised in Malawi, McBeth is fluent in written and spoken English, Chichewa, Tumbuka and Swahili.

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VitalFD in Africa

Chris is a Portfolio Finance Director based in the UK. He has world-class expertise, and substantial experience in:

• Working with executive teams to define and deliver successful strategy.

• Financial model building, particularly sensitivity models providing strategic key valuation and funding goals.

• Solutions for company turnaround.

• Building local operational finance teams in difficult and challenging environments.

• Ensuring strong Internal Controls and regular Compliance Reporting are in place..

Chris was born in Zimbabwe and has 25 years experience in Africa and 15 years in the UK.


Mentoring senior members of the Finance team to ensure:


a. Transfer of critical business knowledge and skills.

b. Enhance confident leadership and positive management communication skills.

c. Develop the attitudes required to succeed and prosper the business.


Reviewing finance team capabilities to understand the gaps and carrying out practical training in:

a. Basic and advanced Accounting

b. Internal Controls

c. Excel

d. Management Reporting

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Review your financial software to identify any gaps:

a. If new software is required or a re-implementation of existing software we can lead on the process and the changes required.


Internal Audit & Board Governance reviews

a. Carry out Internal Audits using our own detailed methodology.

b. If we discover financial control gaps we will assist with the implementation of procedures and in developing ethical behaviours together with quarterly standard Board reports identifying any non-compliance.

c. Board Governance review to ensure the Directors are receiving all the information required to carry out their responsibilities.

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